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A cloud of mystery and secrecy always surrounds this centuries-old society that started among the gamblers and peddlers of the Edo Period in Japan. Insomuch as their "honorable" legacy has revealed, they are equally performative as a criminal outfit, a megacorp to rival the Big Four, and a fraternity steeped in ritual. Members maintain a deep sense of tradition dating back to the age of the samurai, covering themselves in intricate tattoos denoting deeds and status within the vast hierarchy, and wielding monomol katana blades. This adherence to formality and loyalty creates an almost cult-like following that has endured the test of time.


The Yakuza's strength is in the trafficking of restricted and/or rare technology, but they are also proficient in many other white-collar iniquities such as money laundering, corporate espionage, and political favors. As far as less-illegal interests go, they own significant holdings in casinos and "less reputable" simsensie production houses. If there is a boast they are willing to publically acknowledge, it is that quite a few runners exist within their ranks, always raiding whatever corporate or government datastores they can find in hopes of stealing information they can then sell or extort with.

It is not currently known who exactly runs the New Angeles outfit of the Yakuza, but there is speculation that the fact that both the Yakuza and Jinteki have their headquarters in the Nihongai district is not a coincidence.