"Best place to go when you want to get your mind out of the gutter and take it inside." - Ji "Noise" Reilly

Geographical Information
Planet/Moon Earth's Moon
Continent N/A
Country N/A
City Heinlein
Main Anarch
Secondary Criminal

“TJ’s not staring at you. He’s just staring. The poor guy’s been smoked ever since that bioroid fried his gourd. You’d never guess he used to be one of the best tinkerers in New Angeles.” M. Zhang, events promoter at the Wyldside[1]

Wyldside is a seedy location, a low-class nightclub in the lunar colony of Heinlein. It is a favourite for Anarchs and other rebels, who use it as a place to relax, strike deals and acquire contraband. It counts Noise, Tanaka and Rachel Beckmann amongst its regulars.

The Wylder biomodification movement is said to have originated here by a number of its regular customers.


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