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Whizzard in Android: Netrunner


Whizzard on a successful run

Whizzard is a Runner in the Anarch faction. He is described as a Master Gamer and frequently competes in hacking competitions as well as online games.


Whizzard's console of choice is the Grimoire, describing it as his "little book of magic spells." He uses Disruptor programs for escaping Corporation trace attempts, and is associated with Mr Li.

He finds the Burke's Bugs sentry ice to be "****ing annoying"

Whizzard is also depicted on the card Quest Completed.


"Running is the ultimate game, and I get to make all the rules."

About the Burke Bugs: "If I had to describe the bugs in one word, it would be '****ing annoying.'"

About the Disrupter: "Saved my bacon more than once, but gives a wicked sense of déjà vu."

About Grimoire: "My little book of magic spells."


Whizzard's card art is based on Kevin Wilson, designer of the Android Boardgame.

The name "Whizzard" is taken from Kevin Wilson's late 80s/early 90s online handle, under which he published several text-adventures and founded an ongoing text-adventure competition.