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Weyland Consortium's logo and one of their many slogans.


The Weyland Consortium board.

Weyland Consortium is one of the four major corporations in the Android Universe.


Aside from its dramatic and public association with the New Angeles Space Elevator, better known as “Jack’s Beanstalk” (or simply “the Beanstalk”), named after designer Jack Weyland, the extent of the Weyland Consortium’s holdings is little known among the general population. 

This shadowy organization owns or invests in other corporations, leveraging the enormous assets granted them by the Beanstalk to buy and sell smaller megacorps at an alarming rate. For the past several decades, the Weyland Consortium’s obvious specialty has been construction, a legacy of its involvement in the Space Elevator project. Many of its subsidiaries are construction companies, often on a local level, or suppliers for construction companies. 

By some estimates, half the arcologies in New Angeles were built by a Weyland Consortium-controlled company, and cunning accounting and business practices ensure that even when the client companies fold, the Consortium somehow comes out ahead. 

Part of the secret of the Weyland Consortium’s success lies in its ability to secure government contracts and lobby for favorable legislation, especially in the United States and China. It is often a war profiteer, securing lucrative reconstruction bids in the Mediterranean, United Korea, and the Sub-Saharan League nations. In the wake of the Lunar War, Weyland snatched up almost 70% of the orbital reconstruction contracts on Earth and nearly all of the Heinlein contracts. Unfortunately for Weyland, its apparent magic with local governments does not appear to extend to the Martian separatists, who consider the Weyland Consortium a corporate extension of Earth’s hegemony.

Still, Weyland remains confident that the bright future of the human race is in outer space. The Consortium is a major source of funding for space exploration and continues to acquire aerospace and orbital construction companies. Some suggest that the Weyland Consortium seeks a monopoly in outer space, that it wants to control all human habitation outside Earth’s atmosphere. Many of these alarmists are Martians who distrust the Weyland Consortium on principle. 

Given the Weyland Consortium’s proclivity for operating in war-torn regions, it should be no surprise the corporation is comfortable playing hardball. While little has been proven, some mysterious deaths are blamed on elements within the Consortium. Weyland favors a brute-force approach to most problems, using its vast resources to get their way.

Known Projects[]

The Weyland Consortium acquires other corporations by means of Hostile Takeovers or Aggressive Negotiations, even when doing so risks bad publicity. Furthermore, the Consortium pursues runners hard. A Posted Bounty on a Runner's head is not unheard of, and there have been rumours of a Scorched Earth policy to eliminate runners even if it endangers the Consortium's own holdings. Would any corporation really blow up its own buildings to kill a Runner? (it would if it got paid to rebuild them - g00ru). There are also rumors of Weyland employing bioroid "Cleaners" that are tasked with finishing off the job if the Runner is still breathing at the end of the day - "no witnesses means no witnesses."

In addition to its more aggressive pursuits, the Consortium also focuses on enhancing its R&D capabilities by building Research Stations and pursuing Project Atlas. Furthermore, they enjoy the benefits of many Government Contracts.

The Weyland Consortium's GRNDL division has recently garnered a lot of bad publicity for pursuing its Geothermal Fracking project. Some even suspect that the earthquakes caused by this process - leading to lucrative reconstruction projects for Weyland - are the main purpose, with the production of power merely a profitable side effect.

Known Employees[]



Other Associates

  • Hernando Cortez, former technician convicted of smuggling corporate technology, who continued to "draw a pension" while in prison
  • Fahrid Ahmadi, public relations officer

Known Products[]




  • Building a Better World
  • Moving Upwards
  • Because We Built It
  • Constructing Cyberspace

Name Origin[]

The corporation's name comes from the Weyland-Yutani megacorporation featured in the Alien franchise.