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The Angel of Cayambe, Valencia Estevez uses her talents to assist some of the most desperately impoverished residents of New Angeles, while the shadow of the Beanstalk, in which she lives, casts a pall over everything she does.

The Beanstalk’s constant presence and the desperation in the eyes of those people with whom she works ensure that Valencia will never forget the injustices of the system that keeps those at the top of the Beanstalk removed from those at the bottom.

Accordingly, Valencia’s runs are acts of mercy. They’re not initiated to punish the megacorps she invades, nor to elicit chuckles from her friends. She takes her runs to buy second chances for people who never had a first chance. Hers is a sympathetic story, and it’s hard for any corp to deny her intentions.

She is an Anarch and uses the Vigil console.


"Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone."