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University of the Californias at Breaker Bay, or UCBB, is a university located in the Breaker Bay region of SanSan. Hayley Kaplan is a student there.

It has a profound impact upon the region as it educates tens of thousands of students every year in over one-thousand majors, minors, and programs from over a dozen dedicated colleges. The faculty can count themselves among the most distinguished in the solar system, and the university regularly competes with Levy University and NeoTokyo Daigaku for the top spot in the NBN "Best College and University" rankings.

While many of its students are considered the best and the brightest (corporations are known to send recruiters on campus regularly in order to acquire them), a large number enjoy being distracted by beach parties and tailgating before their teams' big games.


The computational neuroscience and cybernetics research in Breaker Bay’s NeurotechniCollege is leading to new bioroid neural channeling techniques and applications of brain-machine interface technology. UCBB’s LibArts School fosters learning in such traditional subjects as American, Spanish, social sciences, history, and philosophy, and the Gore School of Network Architecture educates the sysops and cybersec administrators of tomorrow.



LibArts School

Gore School of Network Architecture

Tyson Observatory


“University of the Californias at Breaker Bay has something for everyone. Upload the attached datafile to your simsensie-capable PAD and take the virtual tour now!”

"There are whole generations of people who never move out of a megalopolis center. You should see the look on their face the first time they see the stars." - Professor Darren Fin, Astronomy