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Since The Big One, the Underway has emerged as a hive of criminal activity in SanSan. Within its shadows, many Runners have learned their trade and honed their skills. The members of its largest gang, Los Muertos, rule the streets, profiting off their deals in flesh and drugs and tech. For the right price, you can find anything, but you have to be careful about how you get it.

The Underway is a motley assembly of many different architectural styles, ethnicities, and cultural influences. It’s a hotbed of holographic artists, indie studios, and the birthplace of Jank-Juke-Jazz.


“The Underway is a funky, chaotic, and eclectic mix of architecture and ethnicities. What unifies it is a general counterculture vibe – the sense that they are pioneers and iconoclasts. But this independent spirit paved the way for the rise of Los Muertos.”–Exposé on The Underway: Part IV – Days of the Muertos