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The following is a WIP list of all events in the Android Universe that have been given a specific date (or year), for the benefit of people wanting to understand causalities in the narrative.

NOTE: The storyline deliberately avoids committing to an actual year, using two-digit years or "2x35" in the descriptions. This is to minimize the possibility that actual reality diverges significantly in any number of ways that would render fixed dates unrealistic. This timeline uses the "2x00" format for consistency.

Date Event
End of previous century Jack Weyland begins purchasing portions of the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve northeast of Quito, Ecuador.

The Blackout

2x32 Founding of the Opticon Foundation
2x25 The New Angeles Space Elevator (aka Jack's Beanstalk) begins construction near Mount Cayambe, Ecuador.
Early 2x35 The Quito Accord is signed between the United States and Ecuador, leasing 60,000 sq mi of land to establish the Special Economic Zone of Ecuadorian New Los Angeles.
Late 2x35 The Beanstalk is completed.
? The Lunar Insurrection occurs.
? The Battle of the Beanstalk occurs between Martian extremists and US forces.
15 years ago The Lunar Insurrection concludes with the signing of the Treaty of Heinlein, cementing New Angeles' special sovereignty and separation from the United States for the foreseeable future.

The Martian Colony Wars end.

The Space Elevator Authority is founded.

1 year ago The New Angeles Clone Riots took place.
2x99 (future) The Quito Accord will be up for renewal.