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Thomas Haas is the only child of Haas-Bioroid's chief executive, Director Haas. He is enrolled at Levy University, but prefers to spend his mother's money living a life of decadence (including Eve bioroids) and waste - not unusual for a ristie. He has friends who are members of the Humanity First group, who are willing to act in his defence, no doubt because they see a benefit in such a powerful connection.

Both his mother and his Humanity First contacts have proven willing to act to divert police attention from Thomas, such as during the "Murder on the Midway" and "Last Call at Roxie's" events.


He is one of six suspects in the Android board game, and appears on his eponymous Netrunner card, as well as the cards The Source and Executive Retreat. He is also the Hostage in Hostage, although if we look carefully, he may be lying about the exact nature of his captivity.


"Thomas, the director's son, has been carefully groomed to inherit the corporation since before he was born. His favourite pastime appears to be disappointing his mother."