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The Professor

"The Professor" (real name unknown) is a natural hacker of the Shaper Faction. He once worked at Levy University but when he discovered his research was being used for terrible purposes by Haas-Bioroid, he sabotaged his own work. Haas-Bioroid responded by removing the Professor's funding and ensuring his Levy bosses would crush him under a terrible teaching load. He was also the victim of a Character Assassination agenda by NBN, with headlines such as "New Angeles Professor Outed as 'Cyber Terrorist'" broadcast on the news. Despite this, he appears to still retain access to the Levy AR Lab.

The Professor's extensive research gives him access to an enormous range of programs, allowing him to be the most flexible hacker in the field. Among runners he's known as the Keeper of Knowledge.

The Professor is associated with the Self-Modifying Code program, the Inti icebreaker as well as the Capstone and Record Reconstructor hardware. He also maintains his network of Professional Contacts.

Living Card Game stats[]

The Professor, due to being black-listed by Haas-Bioroid, has zero link and only 1 point of faction influence. However, the first copy of a non-faction program in his deck does not count against this limit.

Professor Quotes[]

"New technology destroys the old"

"...when I came back all of my files had been replaced with cat vids."

"The Incans believed that the sun god resided in the Hanan Pacha, the upper realm of the cosmos. They just didn't know that the Hanan Pacha hadn't been discovered yet."

"The Grim of legend was one of may so-called 'black dog' myths common to Gaelic and English-speaking communities. What's fascinating is that it has propagated to the network, where it lives on as a program that, or so the story goes, hunts for the unwary."

"The thing about journalism is there's always a better story around the corner. Soon, they smelled blood elsewhere, and the world forgot about me. But I didn't forget."

"Why is data deleted? Maybe they don't want it to be found. Or maybe it's just useless. The useless data is the kind you want."

"Spend too much time in the AR Lab and someone might notice. Unless you're head of it, that is."

"Sometimes it doesn't matter how expensive your rig is, or how many credits are in your account, or even your skill as a runner. Most of the time, a simple handshake and a name are all you need.

"Once you have achieved perfection, what's next?"

"One-shot icebreakers are popular among many of my protégés. They don't have the patience for the hunt."

Inspiration for character came from real life[]

[T]he Professor is Native Ecuadorian, not Caucasian, so that is to say mostly South American "Indian" with Spanish and African blood, inspired by a professor of mine in college

-Damon Stone