Several years prior to the timeline of the setting, a land and space war was conducted between forces of earth and independent colonial forces from Mars, partly due to competition for Helium-3 resources. The war ended fifteen years prior to the current day of the setting, with peace settled with the Treaty of Heinlein. Little else known about the conflict apart from its effects. Mars is now a free nation-planet ruled by the Martian Provisional Government, but a poor one and many Martians migrate to Earth for work. Some Martian refugees of the war are also on Earth. Dejah Thoris was a high-ranked solider or intelligence agent for the Martians but now resides in New Angeles. John McEvoy and Raymond Flint both served in the Earth forces; Simon Blake and John Rath served in a mercenary company. Chromeheads of today know nothing of how the returning veterans of the war kick-started the cybernetic industry. The Old War Memorial is the only place in New Angeles that seems to recall the War; the population of Earth has tried very hard to forget it or distract itself with the new.

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