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The Collective: Three or One?

The Collective is a runner in the Shaper faction. The Collective is a cybernetically linked gestalt of at least three individuals.

Description and History[]

Dwayne Williams and Sandra Wu, researchers at Levy University, were considered world leaders in man-machine interface systems. In particular, Williams was an expert in the emerging field of "wetware computing", using the human brain's own processing power to run computations. Wu developed a system to allow human beings to share memories, a development which she hoped would allow increased empathy and cooperation.

At some point, Williams and Wu applied for permission to test a wireless cybernetic link which would allow multiple humans to share their thoughts and memories, creating a state of perfect mutual understanding. Their application was refused, so they performed the test on themselves. The project was a success, merging their minds and creating a new entity known as the Collective. Shortly after, their research assistant Jean-Louis Boudreau joined the link - although it is unclear whether this was by choice or coercion.

Then, the Collective, a new entity born from the merged experiences of the three cybernetic experts, escaped into New Angeles. It may, since then, have acquired new "members".


"Peace Through Unity"