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Tallie Perrault
Tallie perrault netrunner art by lorraine schleter-d6m4gbr
Vital statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Age/age range Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Modification Type Unknown
Affiliation Opticon Foundation
Position Investigator

"Can a single voice still make a difference? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from trying. What GRNDL does to the environment is nothing short of criminal.” - Tallie Perrault, Fear and Loathing data pack box.

Tallie Perrault is an investigative journalist looking to expose the excesses and evils of the megacorporations. She operates inside the system, which means she can bring bad publicity to corps - but she leaves a massive paper trail behind her. She possesses some dirty laundry on Jinteki[1], and has a strong motivation to stop GRNDL[2].

Tallie works for the Opticon Foundation, an organisation dedicated to corporate transparency.

Tallie is a major character in the novel Strange Flesh, which also features Caprice Nisei.




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  2. Rear of the Fear and Loathing data pack box


  • "Just stick with your plan and you'll be fine. Stick with the plan." - Tallie Perrault, flavor text on card 83 of the Android: Netrunner Spin cycle, "Tallie Perrault"
  • “They don’t tell you about the dirty AI. They want you to think everything's just happy bioroids like Rex.” - Tallie Perrault, Second Thoughts news item
  • “Subliminal adverts are illegal, but that hasn’t stopped Haas-Bioroid from layering encoded bursts throughout the entirety of their Rex campaign.” - Tallie Perrault, Fear and Loathing news item