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Silhouette in Android:Netrunner

Silhouette is a Runner in the Criminal faction, described as a Stealth Operative.


The mysterious Silhouette views running as the final step in a much larger process that involves a great deal of Legwork, networking, planning, and implementation. She is well-known for her skill at executive wiretaps and planned assaults on secure servers. Silhouette is always investing the rewards from an earlier run into the preparation for her next one.

Silhouette's console is Blackguard.


"Don't waste my time."

"When you need someone who is a little more hands on, look me up." 

"I work by referral only, with an up-front fee. The fee is reasonable if you value results."

"People keep saying that 'Cash is king' in the business, like it's untraceable in the days of DNA sniffers and microtracers. Digital credits can be just as anonymous, and they're just as easy to counterfeit."

“I saw it coming… That was the problem.”

She was as good as Mr. Li said. The machine had been compromised in under 24 hours. If a freelance operative could do that, clearly the server wasn't ready to endure Gagarin's legion of corp-owned runners.