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Chairman Hiro

Chairman Satoshi Hiro is the current leader of the Jinteki corporation. He has spearheaded the recent restructuring of the megacorp, and Jinteki is more dynamic and profitable under his leadership than ever before. 

Chairman Hiro is ruthless and will do anything to ensure the success of his projects.


"Cloning has the potential to replicate perfection.

Let me repeat that: cloning has the potential to replicate perfection.

Should we aspire to anything less?" 

"You have delusions of being a woman, Caprice, but you aren't. You are an object. A thing. At best, you might be considered a clever pet."

“We will allow our unwanted visitors to shut themselves into the prisons their minds create.”

“For centuries, humanity has accepted that the difference between visionary and lunatic was like the flip of a coin. This is no longer acceptable. We have the technology to select ‘visionary’ with every flip. The time has come to stack the odds in our favor.”

“They see our business as a puzzle because they only see the pieces. We see the whole picture. That is why we succeed.”

“Good morning, Chairman Hiro. I have your tea and a summary of today’s reports. The news of the Harmony Medtech break-in has made the public more open to our research, and Nisei reports that their latest psi work is proceeding ahead of schedule. They also predict a viral mainframe intrusion by midnight. Would you like a croissant?”
–from Chairman Hiro’s daily updates