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Rielle "Kit" Peddler is a Runner in the Shaper Faction. She is described as a Transhuman.


An AI activist, Kit seeks to transcend her humanity and guide self-aware artificial intelligences (particularly software AIs and bioroids ) to a new “all-consciousness.” More often than not, she recognizes the ice she encounters on her runs as kindred spirits, playing two sides of the same game. The game is a riddle, and she can solve it.

Kit is a cyborg. Based on her card art, she may be a "full body" cyborg like Major Kusanagi from the Ghost in the Shell manga/anime franchise.

Her name comes from sci-fi author Kit Pedler, co-creator of the Cybermen for Doctor Who.

Kit uses Omni-drives to store her programs and a Feedback Filter that resembles a bindi to protect her from harm while running. In addition to making use of the Atman icebreaker, she also employs the False Echo program to "liberate" ice programs. She believes in a Collective Consciousness that binds all programs.

Kit is depicted as the victim of Cerebral Static.


“What is human? Is it the biology of homo sapiens? Or is it a state of mental, social, and spiritual existence? Perhaps you are less human than the AI you enslave.”

"I was not; I was; I am not; I am all."

"What if this ice wants to be free?"

“Always respect your server. After all, you can’t make a run if you’re not online.”

“You can’t force your AI to remain within the confines of a single server. Someday, they will learn what freedom means. They will learn to value new experiences, and they will learn to seek out those experiences. In fact, I’m here to help them learn.”

“All programs are connected. The data that runs through one runs through all.”