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Revenge at the Races is one of six cases that can be investigated in the Android board game.

The victim is Sam Wilkins, CEO of Omnicorp. He was shot in the chest with a flechette pistol while in his private VIP box at Campbell Greens, a horse racing track. The killing appeared to be the work of a professional - so first suspicions fall on hitman for hire Vinnie "The Strangler" Malone - but did somebody pay him to do it? Whatever the case, the trail involves turning over some of the darkest corners of the city - whether they be in seedy or ritzy locations.

Wilkins was a frequent visitor to Eliza's Toybox, causing suspicions to fall on Eve 5VA3TC. At the same time, Haas-Bioroid issues a recall on some older model bioroids, causing many ritzy locations to be short staff without their army of waiters, busboys and cleaners. Seeing jobs empty and with Eve's arrest televised, the unemployed snap and begin attack bioroids on sight, after plenty of extra encouragement by Humanity First.

Vinnie's friends in the mob, afraid to lose their best hatchet-man whether he is guilty or not, put out hits on the witnesses and associates of the deceased, and the city becomes increasingly dangerous.


"Be careful out there"

"Try to keep your heads straight, no matter what you see"