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Reina Roja is a Runner affiliated with the Anarch faction. She is described as a Freedom Fighter.


Reina Roja (Red Queen in Spanish) is a former member of an elite special forces unit, a chess master, a G-mod, and a Cyborg. Reina Roja approaches runs much like a chess game; she employs Caïssa programs that compromise network defences and can be maneouvered across corporate servers like chess pieces. Her signature console is called Deep Red. Weyland Consortium is the main target of her cyber attacks, who classify her as a "code red threat", and her public crusade has won her activist support.

Reina Roja is also depicted on the Queen's Gambit card art.

Living Card Game stats[]

Reina Roja starts with 1 link, and has a 45/15 deck. Both a cyborg and a G-mod, she forces the rez cost of all ICEs to be increased by 1.



"Checkmate in three."

“Do you want to play again – double or nothing?”

"Analyzing the board won't help. Your mistake was thinking we're playing the same game."

"A great strategist once said that no plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength. This is as true in a game of chess or a run on a server as it is on the battlefield."

“Don’t try to anticipate every move. Just anticipate the moves that matter.”

“Always play for the end game. Don’t get trapped in the moment.”

"They call me a terrorist to scare people. If they want to find terrorists, maybe they should start by looking in the mirror."