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Raymond Flint is a private detective who works on occasion with the New Angeles Police Department. Raymond fought in the Martian Independence War and the Lunar Rebellions, where he was known as "Fearless Flint", and piloted a ship called "The Beast". He served under an officer named Parsons. During this time, Flint went AWOL to be with his girlfriend, Kate, leaving his best friend and comrade Keene to conduct a covert mission on his own. Keene was shot down behind enemy lines and declared dead. Flint believes Keene is still alive and blames himself for all of this. This caused him to become an alcoholic, and this, combined with his PTSD causes Flint to undergo blackouts and flashbacks, particularly to the time he was forced to bail out of his fighter and spent three days floating in space waiting for a pick-up. He has even seen images of Keene, apparently alive and free. Parsons tries to look out for Flint, but can only do so much for a man so wrapped up in his own pain.

Kate left Flint when he was on a dangerous mission on Mars, two events his addled mind thinks may be linked. During his investigations into a murder case, Kate returns to his life suddenly, throwing his mind even further off-balance and once again making him wonder about the timing. Flint is an expert at seeing connections, which makes him perfect at unraveling the conspiracies at play in New Angeles, but also sometimes causes him to see things that aren't there. On the other hand, Kate is a high-price lawyer working for Monroe and Associates, the city's most powerful law firm. She could easily be using Flint to gain information on the case - or stop him from solving it. Or she could just be bad news.

The problem with Flint's life is he can never be sure if he's paranoid or if they really are out to get him.


Raymond is one of the five playable characters in the board game Android. He is also a unique card in the Android: Netrunner game.


"She was lying, of course. I could tell. Her lips were moving"

"Flint? He's a burnout. A useless, alcoholic waste of the Department's time and money" - Louis Blaine