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Rachel Beckmann

Rachel Beckman is a prominent and moderately successful bounty hunter who works in New Angeles, the Beanstalk and Heinlein. Bounty hunting is legal in New Angeles, although that is not to say that all of Rachel's clients are honest citizens.

Rachel is a cyborg, and increases her suite of cybertools as her paydays allow. Rachel's accretion of cyberware mimics her descent into the amoral and violent world of being a mercenary. After her mother died when she was young, Rachel's youth was characterised by the ravages of a low income. As a result, sheis obsessed with having enough money to take care of herself and despises being in debt, but her pursuit of cash to alleviate this threat puts those she loves in danger of losing their lives - and her in danger of losing her soul.

On the street, Rachel gets information and assistance from a teenage boy called Oliver. Her only other social life, apart from her father, is meeting her friend Lena for coffee or gym sessions. The two were best friends in high school, but have drifted apart, partly because of money. Lena works for Levy University and is never short on cash.

Rachel is one of five playable characters in the Android boardgame.


"Wake up and smell the corruption! This is New Angeles, not Utopia. This is the real world."

"Never say something is out of my league."