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The Order of Sol is an ecumenical faith-based organization that focuses on social justice, respect of religious traditions as a whole, and fundamental human(oid) dignity. While it is not a religion itself, it invites people of any faith to come together in fellowship to support and coordinate with each other on social progress concerns that affect those of any denomination. Its membership currently counts in the billions from across the solar system, and has often been compared to the United Nations in the context of bringing people from a variety of cultures together to accomplish mutually beneficial goals, as well as peaceably resolving differences between churches.

While its diversity in faith inevitably results in very few unanimous traditions being maintained, a non-insignificant percentage of the membership takes to self-identifying as "a member of the Order" in terms of worship preference, not drawing from one particular localized tradition but with each enclave formulating its own syncretism.

The positive and unifying influence of the Order has also begun to spread into its member congregations; many churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples now feature the Order insignia as an aspect of their own.


The collective political power the Order wields does not go unnoticed, a fact some of its members hold in constant suspicion. The most significant demonstration of this power occurred when the government of Brazil (in an act of desperation) invited a delegation of the Order to observe their upcoming election, in the face of a corruption scandal that had lasted for decades. The people were so pleased with the results of this participation in the process that the Order was then welcomed to establish their world headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, in the shadow of the Cristo Redentor.

To some both within and without, the amount of power the Order has in the affairs of Brazil's government (which remained largely secular in the past) has been likened to a defacto branch of it rather than a mere lobbying group. Still, the good work and ideals of the Order do well to soften the image of the Order as a theocratic entity, and it presents itself as a bulwark against the overwhelming oligarchy and unrelenting capitalism of neighboring countries. In particular, it has not only taken up the cause of the disenfrancisto class created by android automation, but has also recognized that both clone and bioroid are indeed sentient and are therefore slaves to their condition. It is likely this platform that has turned Brazil into a popular destination for androids seeking emancipation from their corporate masters.