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An important award event in the sensie industry.

From the red carpet to the decrepit alleys where drug dealers hawk their wares, Old Hollywood is the central hub for all things sensie-related, as it once was for movies.

Visual entertainment is still big business, and fame is still solid currency. As the megacorps pour speculative funds into summer blockbusters and celebrity-driven vanity projects, some sensies are aimed toward the institution’s highest awards and others aimed toward the lowest common denominator. Old Hollywood brings us whole servers worth of romantic comedies, action flicks, red carpet events, and fan sites. Everyone wants a taste of fame. Everyone’s jostling to get a cut of the market.

Who is Miranda Rhapsody dating now? Why did Ronny Five fail to show for his appearance at the Bangkok Mall? Which surprising celebrities are hooked on stims? In Old Hollywood, everything’s a story, and the best stories are worth big money.

Wherever there’s a profit to be made, there’s someone looking to capitalize on the opportunity, and few are better at turning out the lucrative sensies than NBN’s Haarpsichord Studios.