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Nisei Mk II is a model of clone engineered by Jinteki, the second generation of the Nisei template. Historically, the term nisei ("generation two") was used to describe the natural-born American children of Japanese immigrants (issei, or "generation one").

Publically, the Nisei line is mainly marketed for its exceptional perception and insight, but rumors abound that they may actually possess psychic abilities (which is true, of course, as the Android series of games reveals). As a publicity stunt to help promote the Nisei line and gain public acceptance of this remarkable new model, a Nisei clone has been loaned to the NAPD for a trial as an detective investigator.

Psychic abilities[]

Throughout the Android series of games and story-fiction, Nisei clones are depicted to have various extra-sensory powers:

  • Precognition - ability to see events (or probable outcomes) in the future. The Psi mini-game in Android: Netrunner of guessing credits in the player's hand is a representation of this.
  • Psychometry - to gather residual emotional or audiovisual impressions that have already occurred, by touching or physically approaching objects or people related to those events. This is demonstrated by Caprice Nisei in several of her murder investigations, to gather details about the circumstances of the crime.
  • Telepathy - direct communication with other beings without the need for speech, gestures, or other devices. In most examples, Nisei clones remain connected to each other in a gestalt consciousness, which Caprice Nisei refers to as "her sisters". This particular form of telepathy takes on an emotional content and can be involuntary; when one or more members feels strongly, the others experience it vividly.
  • Psychokinesis - energy/matter manipulation via thought alone. Sometimes this can be simple tricks of moving small objects but has also been demonstrated as a form of direct mental attack when the psychic "screams" at someone.

Notable Niseis[]

Android: Netrunner[]

Nisei Mk II is a card in Android: Netrunner, and the card mechanics imply that Jinteki exploits the precognitive powers of this clone model to anticipate and counteract the actions of Runners.

The art on the card references the trio of precognitive psychics from the film Minority Report.