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A Board Game set in the Android Universe set in the city of New Angeles. It was published in August of 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games.

Official Description[]

New Angeles is a game of corporate greed and financial machinations set in a dystopian future. New Angeles is a board game for four to six players set in the Android universe.

The largest, richest, and most diverse city on Earth, New Angeles is home to the Space Elevator that rises along its buckyweave tether and connects us to Luna and its invaluable Helium-3 deposits. It is here, in New Angeles, that you'll find the global headquarters for the worlds' most powerful megacorps: Haas-Bioroid, Globalsec, Jinteki, Melange Mining, NBN, and the Weyland Consortium. And it is here, in this shining beacon of human achievement and advancement, that these powerful megacorps enjoy a uniquely fertile breeding ground for their projects and their rivalries.

In New Angeles, you gain control of one of these megacorporations, then you use your wealth and influence to create more wealth and more influence. To do this, you cut deals and forge temporary alliances. You leverage your credits and assets to gain financial superiority over your corporate rivals. All the while, you also need to keep an eye toward the masses, striking deals with the other corps as necessary in order to keep a lid on crime, disease, and unrest. If you want to maximize your profit, you need to keep New Angeles open for business

New Angeles Includes:

  • 1 Rules Reference Guide
  • 1 Game Board
  • 190 Game Cards
  • 6 Megacorp Information Sheets
  • 24 Miniatures
  • 80 Tokens


Game Credits[]

Game Design: James Kniffen

Producer: Jason Walden

Technical Writer: Adam Baker

Editing & Proofreading: Autumn Collier and Sean O’Leary

Additional Layout: Molly Glover

Graphic Design: Shaun Boyke with Michael Silsby, Evan Simonet, and Monica Helland

Graphic Design Manager: Brian Schomburg

Cover Art: Kirsten Zirngibl

Board Art: Henning Ludvigsen

Interior Art: Bruno Balixa, Ralph Beisner, Del Borovic, Lars Bundvad, Rovina Cai, JB Casacop, Aurore Folny, Caroline Gariba, Gong Studios, Mauricio Herrera, Clark Huggins, Alex Kim, Priscilla Kim, Pavel Kolomeyets, Kate Laird, Samuel Leung, RJ Palmer, Chris Peuler, Maciej Rebisz, Emilio Rodriguez, Jason Rumpff, Lorraine Schleter, Adam Schumpert, Timur Shevtsov, Smirtouille, Mark Anthony Taduran, RC Torres, VIKO, Thomas Williams, Ashley Witter, Matt Zeilinger, and Kirsten Zirngibl

Art Direction: Zoë Robinson

Managing Art Director: Andy Christensen

Figure Sculpting: Thomas Lishman and Mike MedicineHorse

Sculpting Coordinator: Niklas Norman

Sculpting Manager: John Franz-Wichlacz

Quality Assurance Coordinator: Zach Tewalthomas

Android Universe created by: Kevin Wilson with Daniel Lovat Clark

Android Story Team: Daniel Lovat Clark, Michael Hurley, Lukas Litzsinger, and Katrina Ostrander

Production Management: Megan Duehn and Jason Beaudoin

Production Coordination: Marcia Colby, Jason Glawe,Liza Lundgren, and Johanna Whiting

Board Game Manager: James Kniffen

Creative Director: Andrew Navaro

Executive Game Designer: Corey Konieczka

Executive Producer: Michael Hurley

Publisher: Christian T. Petersen

Playtesters: Glen Aro, Craig Atkins, Samuel Bailey, Adam Baker, Andrew Borck, Zach Brockman, Eric Byrnes, Suzi “Antink” Burrows, Mark Charlesworth, Hwan-yi Choo, Andy Christensen, Lachlan “Raith” Conley, Robert Crandall, Nick Cyr, Ben Davis, Jordan Dixon, Andy Fischer, Jacob Freedman, Molly Glover, Jeff Greening, Ellen Griffin, Taylor Ingvarsson, Johnathan Johnson, Tom “Average” Johnson, Josh Jupp, Eric Kaiser, Jason Kerr, Jewel Kerr, Sean Kittridge, Mark Larson, Skyler Latshaw, Tim Latshaw, Jamie Lewis, Brian Lewis, Cady Lewis, Lukas Litzinger, Eric Lotos, Jeannine Lotos, Charlie McCarron, Mark McLaughlin, Ian Moore, Kiefer Paulson, Jeremy Rainbow, Kendra Rainbow, Toby Rainbow, Alexander Rooker, Doug Ruff, Michael Sanfilippo, John Shaffer, Catherine Shen, Y Paul Sussman, Zach Tewalthomas, James Voelker, Brittany Walden, Chris Waters, Nathan Wilkinson, Aaron Wong, Jonathan Ying, Ruth Zephyr, and Jamie Zephyr

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