The Special Economic Zone of Ecuadorian New Los Angeles is perhaps the fastest growing city in history. It began in the Ecuadorian jungle as nothing more than a manufacturing plant to launch the 'Beanstalk', but is now one of the largest metropoles on the planet. Everything that goes up or down goes via the Beanstalk, which means it flows through New Angeles. The sudden rise in commerce made it a magnet for anyone keen to make a new life (or discard an old one), and the city is a melting pot of risties, disenfrancistos, G-modders, cybermodders, clones, bioroids, cops and criminals, small-time bangers and organized crime syndicates, private eyes and bounty hunters, war veterans and Martian spies, and every race, culture and creed under the sun.

The town of Cayambe was the nearest to the Beanstalk building site and is now subsumed into the mega-city's districts.

New Angeles is the homebase of several corporations, including the megacorporation Jinteki, and the NBN offices in Broadcast Square. Major landmarks include the offices of Humanity Labor and Monroe and Associates, the Memories of Green entertainment complex, the campus of Levy University, and the cathedral of the Starlight Crusade. New Angeles is large enough to support travel by drop-pod as well as hopper. The Skyway connects the ritzy west side to the seedy east side.

Power in the city is shared between many groups. The city is helmed by Mayor Wells at City Hall and Commissioner Dawn of the NAPD. The many organized criminal associations include the Mafia, 14K, the Yakuza, and the Los Scorpiones drug cartel. The infamously violent labor movement Human First, fronted by the legal advocacy of Humanity Labor, brings a lot of pro-worker, anti-android pressure against the government. The wealthy families of James Levy, Director Haas and other social elite use their money to buy political power of their own. Powerful members of the Starlight Crusade church and the secretive association known as the Order of Sol can also influence events. And although several thousand miles from DC, New Angeles is still US soil, and the FBI have agents on the streets. With so many shadowy groups in play, conspiracy theorists abound in New Angeles.

Famous runners such as 'Noise', 'Mac' and 'Whizzard' reside in New Angeles; each could be considered a power-broker on their own.


  • Official Name: Special Economic Zone of Ecuadorian New Los Angeles
  • Sovereignty: Unincorporated Territory of the United States of America
  • Population: approximately 500,000,000 officially registered
  • Land Area: 62,000 km2
  • Demographics: 22% Latinx, 19% White, 14% Black, 9% Indigenous / Mestizo, 9% Asian, 23% Multiracial, 5% Other
  • Android/Simulant Population: Estimated 5-10 million
  • Government: City Council + Mayor (Ignacio Wells)


Each of New Angeles' twelve districts have their own origins and local personalities. Several of them grew out of the organic sprawl of the other Ecuadorian cities and merged into each other, while others formed out of infrastructure built to support the Beanstalk.


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"New Angeles is the jewel of modern civilization and its government is the envy of nations" - Mayor Ignacio Wells


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