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The New Angeles Police Department carries a heavy burden: to police a town as rotten as New Angeles, where the rich and powerful crush the poor and meek on a daily basis, as well as the Beanstalk and Heinlein. It is run by Commissioner Dawn who reports directly to Mayor Wells.

Its headquarters is in the poor end of town. Citizens of New Angeles wishing to get a dropship pass must apply at NAPD HQ.

NAPD is currently experimenting with bioroid and clone officers, provided by Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki, respectively. The Weyland Consortium provides some of the security used by the department, and of course, all their cameras, computers and links are provided by NBN. To many - especially Anarchs - this makes them nothing but puppets of the megacorporations.

Known employees include (those marked with a * are deputized freelancers, not members of the force):