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Murder on the Midway is one of six cases that can be investigated in the board game Android.

The victim is Miles Swanson, a lawyer on retainer to the Liberty Society. He was shot at close range with a guass pistol while enjoying a night out at the Midway. That may point the finger at the Humanity First, but if the Liberty Society has their way it would bankrupt Jinteki and Haas-Bioroid, implicated perhaps Thomas Haas or Mark Henry, a clone - but then it becomes clear that travel records in the beanstalk's system have been altered, pushing suspicion onto a first-class hacker like Noise. Director Haas works to undermine the investigation by cutting NAPD resources, and Armitage Software hires a lawyer from Monroe and Associates to defend Noise.

To aid in solving the case, the detectives are allowed access to express transit on the Beanstalk, but when Martian dignitaries arrive in town, the pressure to solve the case intensifies.


"I'm sure you're all aware just how important the Beanstalk is to New Angeles, so this case is top priority"

"Don't do anything to embarrass us"