Mother Molloy's is a franchised restaurant with thousands of locations all over the world, with over 250 locations in New Angeles alone. It is notable for being the first restaurant chain to staff its locations entirely with clones specifically engineered for the purpose of food preparation and customer interaction. The presentation is styled in the manner of the "neighborhood Irish pub & grill", and the clones themselves are a facet of this brand identity.

General overall customer perceptions of the Mother Molloy's brand agree that while the food itself is hardly revolutionary (it covers the expected diversity of diner-style cuisine), its remarkable consistency and the unceasing joviality of the staff (cooks & waitstaff alike) are what set it apart from other eateries.

Fascinatingly, customers tend to tip well even though most are aware the employees are clones and do not receive any extra compensation (the money is added to company revenues). This isn't considered a problem by Mother Molloy's Corporate because the Molloy line is conditioned to be happy just for the opportunity to serve good food and see the restaurant flourish.

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