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Mons Wolff Massacre is one of six cases that can be investigated in the board game Android.

The crime is the mass slaying of the entire eight person staff of the Mons Wolff Observatory by a killer armed only with a monoknife. The efficiency of the attack suggests a killer that was quite strong and used to violence - someone like the hitman Vincent Malone, the powerful Mark Henry or the war-veteran Dejah Thoris.

It quickly becomes clear that there is more to this mystery: the military are involved and out to punish anyone who plays whistleblower to the press, and soon after the murder terrorist bombings occur in ritzy locations across the city. The Martian embassy assures the NAPD that the arrest of Dejah Thoris will be considered an act of war, while clones across the surface of the moon refuse to work in support of Mark Henry. Detectives may have to make a choice between finding justice, and preventing a war.


"This case is big, people. Really big. Whoever solves this one can write their own ticket."

"The FBI will be coming in to investigate the bombings, so try to stay out of their way."