The Molloy clone template was designed to meet the need of restaurant-based food service that could provide consistency in cleanliness, food preparation, presentation, and customer interaction across thousands of franchised locations without the need for expensive training programs and hiring managers that inevitably vary in results. The line is strictly licensed for use by the Mother Molloy's restaurant company and is used to entirely staff its many locations worldwide (the flagship of which can be found in New Angeles).

In keeping with the restaurant chain's brand formula of "the neighborhood Irish pub & grill", Molloy clones are phenotyped for multiple sexes and are casually attractive (with a strong but understandable Gaelic speech pattern), have a pleasant and chatty demeanor, are conditioned for quality food preparation and mixology, and are extensively trained to engage in conversation with customers about various topics (weather, sports teams, etc.) for hours at a time in order to establish brand familiarity and loyalty.

Ironically, while these qualities result in large gratuities, Molloys never see any compensation for their efforts and the tips are pocketed by the company; the line is conditioned to seek nothing but the satisfaction of their own work and continued success of the restaurant as a whole.

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