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The Midway is a shopping, business, entertainment and residential district located at the approximate mid-point of the Beanstalk (about 36,000km above the surface), and thus is in a geostationary orbit with the earth below, which is why it was such a popular business locale. NBN, which uses much of the Space Elevator for its broadcast network transmissions, has a strong presence amongst Midway business. The Midway Station Grid, operated by NBN, is notoriously taxing to its users.

The Midway is primarily a middle-class area, and is thus avoided by 'risties and the wealthy, who prefer The Castle Club.

Mr Miles Swanson, a lawyer on retainer for the Liberty Society, was murdered there. Suspicion fell on Human First, whose activism is in direct opposition to that of the Liberty Society.



Halfway upstalk, Midway is a destination unto itself with its microgravity hotels and fine dining options.