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Michael Muhama is described as a "professional expert" and his chief field appears to be runners and their culture. He is the author of "Musings on Cybercrime", and also consults as an NBN security analyst.


"We say 'cyber-terrorist', they hear 'underground celebrity'"

"Normal people -sane people- do not embark on a life of cybercrime. Who can say what motivates the deranged mind? An imagined slight, personal failings blamed on external forces, of the ever-popular lust for money?"

"These runners aren’t hermits who live in seclusion, isolated from the rest of the world. They have contacts throughout the underworld and even within legitimate organizations. Even worse, they may be individualists, but they sometimes share with each other; they can share programs, they can share tricks, and they can share contacts.”

"The 'cyber-war' is a war of information, and in a war of information, advance warning can be as good as a killing blow."