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Melange Mining

The Melange Mining Corp, colloquially known as 2M, is a corporation which prospects for and mines Helium-3 on the Moon, presumably for use in fusion reactors. The corporation headquarters is in Heinlein, the major lunar colony in the Android setting, but its actual mining operations are spaced across the lunar surface. The four megacorporations are heavily invested in the Melange Mining Corp, which can provide them a steady income. Hang around Melange long enough and you'll surely stumble onto something a corporation will pay big to hear about.

The owner and CEO of Melange Mining Corp is Yuri Talunik.

Rick Henry and Mark Henry are two of many clones owned by Melange. Jinteki Corporation has an exclusive arrangement to provide clone workers to Melange. After the Mons Wolff Massacre, workers at Melange downed tools to support Rick Henry's innocence in that event.

Name Origin[]

The name is a reference to Melange, the precious "spice" in Frank Herbert's Dune. Melange itself is a French word meaning "mixture of different things".


  • From the Sun to the Moon to You


"We supply the life's blood of human civilization." - advertisement overheard in Tranquility Home.

"The mining bosses are worse than any downstalk crime lords. Tri-Maf, 4K, Yak, I don't care what gangs you got down there. In Heinlein there's just one law: the He3 must flow." - "Old" Rick Henry, escaped clone.