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An angry, young g-mod streetbanger who has never appeared to live up to expectations, MaxX (birth name Martina) works a long, gray, tightly structured day job in MegaBuy customer service that fuels her appetite for nihilistic after-hours release.

For MaxX, the act of shredding corporate servers is a cathartic release akin to the scratchy blare of a power chord pushed through layers of feedback. Punks ripped apart the overly elaborate guitar solos that preceded their reductive songs. They thrashed and drummed and howled. Like them, MaxX expresses her rebuke of societal norms by processing codes that reduce servers to nothingness. Hers are acts of pure wanton destruction.

Moreover, MaxX thinks faster than nearly everyone, though she’s forced to idle in slow-mo with normals at the office all day long.


It’s unclear, however, if her self-destructive tendencies will outpace her impact on the net. She’s a genetically modified dynamo who can process information at a blistering pace, but her rebellious ways constantly leave her at risk of suffering permanent brain damage – not that she cares. For MaxX, it’s all about loud, immediate thrills, and when she’s amped up, she can do just about anything to which she sets her mind; the only question is if she’ll get it into her head to accomplish anything meaningful before she burns out.

She is an Anarch runner.


"*** you, mother******!"

About the Cerberus "Cuj.03"H3 icebreaker: "He only likes to eat live meat."