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Magnum Opus is a program created by the Shaper Kate "Mac" McCaffrey which duplicates credits - making money from nothing.

The card art for the "Modded" Netrunner card depicts Mac in the process of creating Magnum Opus.


"The Great Work was completed on a rainy Thursday afternoon. there were no seismic shifts, no solar flares, no sign from the earth or heavens that the world had changed. But upstalk in Heinlein, on a single Cybsoft manufactured datacore, the flickering data quantums of an account began to fill with creds. Real, honest-to-goodness UN certified creds."


The name is Latin for "great work" and references the "Great Work of Alchemy", the production of a philosopher's stone to turn base metals into gold. The card art displays the "squared circle", the alchemical symbol of the philosopher's stone, on a golden background.