The most traditional of the orgcrime syndicates operating in New Angeles, the Mafia is an amalgamation of criminal cultures, ranging from the Sicilian-American cosa nostra, to the criminal brotherhoods and vory v zakone (thieves-in-law) of Russia, and numerous Balkan organizations that emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in the 1990's. After decades of internecine struggles for power that often spilled over into the civilian population, the alliance of these three institutions resulted in a highly-diverse organization that spread across all of the major continents, which then staked a claim in the rapidly expanding New Angeles metropole.


The Mafia deals largely in stereotypical orgcrime activities such as theft, fraud, smuggling, protection rackets, and gambling. However, with the rise of the disenfrancisto class, they have leveraged their layers of front operations and holding firms to become a transactional conduit for those who actively remain off-grid and staunchly anti-corporation, providing black market services, e-currency, and illicit information exchange to those who need to keep their livelihoods off the books. In many ways, they are themselves a corporation fighting to overcome the dominance of the legitimized corporate state that runs New Angeles - even if their goal is to ultimately replace it.

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