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Detective Louis Blaine is a decorated officer who has given his whole life to serving the New Angeles Police Department. Blaine however is constantly haunted by ghosts from his past. His relationship with Sara, his wife of almost twenty years, has become tainted by his moodiness and their lack of a child and they now live apart. He has never forgiven himself for his failure to solve his first case, the murder of a five year old girl, last name Krausey, nor for his partner Jim's recent death. Jim was killed because of Blaine's involvement with the "tri-maf", one of the major organised crime agencies operating in New Angeles. Blaine has been working for them in various ways for years, which has also played hell with his conscience and mental state. So long-standing is his employment with this organisation, he could almost call Mr Li, head of the syndicate, his closest friend.

Jim was likely murdered by Tanaka, Mr Li's best and most trusted enforcer. When Louis finds out that the Krausey case is linked to Tanaka and both are linked to the conspiracy operating in New Angeles, he has a chance to get revenge, justice and maybe freedom all in one stroke - but at the same time, his wife is willing to give him another chance. That's a lot of balls in the air.

Louis is mercurial; at one moment jovial and well-liked by everyone on his well-trodden beat and the younger folks at the station, the next brutal and brooding, as likely to self-destruct as he is to destroy. Although a natural human and old enough to remember the construction of the Midway (he took Sara there when it opened), he is extremely dangerous in a fight, and once took out eight of Tanaka's men on his own.

Louis is one of the five playable characters in the Android boardgame.


"I'm going to get you at last, you scumbag"

"He threw a five year old girl out a window like a piece of trash. Two weeks or twenty years later, don't make no difference. I'll take him down like the animal he is."