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The Latin American drug trade hit a low point following the Central American border tension and governmental upheavals of the early twenty-first century, causing the cartels to unify under a central leadership in order to stay afloat. When the Cayambe space elevator began construction, this new organization was already well-positioned to use it as a literal base of operations, selling stimulants and methamphetamines to the thousands of construction workers needing to put in overtime.

In present day New Angeles, they still seem small and uninfluential compared to the Tri-Maf, but their contacts span the globe, and their reputation for gruesome violence is widely known.


No doubt the organization's primary interest is in the global manufacture and distribution of cocaine, methamphetamines and an assortment of other stims. However, the logistics needed for an operation this size has opened the doorway to a lucrative business in human trafficking and arms smuggling. The savagery and ritualistic nature of their "competitive spirit" has also made them the go to for assassinations requiring an extra-personal touch.

But the one non-drug-related infamy they proudly claim is black market body harvesting. When you can't afford Jinteki's high quality Universal Donor organs, Los Scorpiones will gladly sell you value-priced alternatives from less consenting individuals (drugged-up ice baths are complimentary). This includes hard-to-find g-mod parts and cybernetic implants.

Notable Members[]

  • Livia Teixeira, New Angeles boss
  • Miguel "Monsignor" Moreno, problem solver