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Los Muertos (Spanish for "the dead") are a street gang of miscreants that take part in all sorts of illegal activity in and around SanSan, specifically the Underway. The gang deals in illegal tech as much as it deals in flesh and drugs.

It’s difficult to know who is or isn’t part of the gang unless they activate their bioluminescent tattoos. Then, it’s easy, as their faces are marked by bright, skull-like lines and decorative swoops or swirls.Their relative anonymity makes them brazen, which means any given street peddler or average looking joe could be ready to participate in the gang’s next drive-by.

The gang's name and beliefs appear to be inspired by the (real-world) worship of Santa Muerte in Mexico and the Southwestern US.


“Is your neighbor secretly a violent criminal? The answer to this chilling question and more, right after the break.”Shannon Claire, SSN 5

"La Señora de las Sombras giveth and taketh away."


An expose on the Los Muertos gang shown on SSN 5 news.