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Last Call At Roxie's is one of the cases that can be investigated in the board game Android.

The victim is Roxie Henn-Tessey, owner of Roxie HT's Cabaret, where her body was also found. It appears at first to be the work of a serial killer, as the brutal murder matches a string of others, but it gains a sudden higher profile and greater momentum after the death of Roxie, due to Roxie's fame. Of course, more sinister and complex forces may actually be at work. Some believe the actions are the beginning of a mob war, with the motive being property. Others believe Thomas Haas is the killer, as he has often been seen at Roxie's, and with Roxie herself; dodging police attention Haas holds up with his Human First buddies at Humanity Labor.

Roxie's family, keen to bring the serial killer to justice, offer all agents of the NAPD full access to their daughter's house and possessions.

During this event, a wireless virus is discovered which causes old-model bioroids to go beserk, causing violence and panic.


"Roxie's parents are giving us their complete cooperation."

"Organised crime has suddenly tripled in the last week. We need to respond to this quickly and brutally."