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Ken Tenma

Ken "Express" Tenma is an escaped Clone of the Tenma line manufactured by Jinteki . He is also a Criminal Runner. He ran away to ChiLo, a city known as a haven for runaway clones.


Express is extremely intelligent and has much faster reaction times than any human, as his line of clones was created for speedy deliveries. For this reason he appears on the card Early Bird.

Express always uses the services of Tenma couriers, as seeing the other Tenma clones lets him appreciate his own freedom even more. While he claims to have no feeling toward his fellow clones, he expresses disgust at Jinteki's "clone retirement" program.


"Try to keep up."

"They call it 'retirement'. I call it 'euthenasia'."

The Tenma clones became Jinteki's third highest-grossing line ever due to the rapid urban expansion that occurred after the war. Their unparalleled reaction times, safety records, and punctuality have made them the top choice for shipping and transportation services.

Tenma clones are excellent at multitasking, their brains custom-made for parallel processing.

The clone was surprised to see the red-jacketed man. It was like looking in a mirror, only the mirror made him Confident. Individual.

Express loved libraries. The consoles were weak, but the security even weaker. He wirelessly loaded up his personal blend of code and started cloning the drive. In just a few minutes, another zombie would claw its way to the surface of cyberspace.