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Jinteki's logo and one of their many slogans.

Jinteki is one of the four major corporations in the Android Universe. The name is also used to refer to their headquarters in uptown New Angeles.


The traditionally conservative Jinteki corporation is now being led by an aggressive new chairman of the board, Chairman Hiro, through a series of upheavals and transitions. Alongside rapid developments in the field of cloning and biotechnology in the last decade, the corporation has relocated its headquarters from Tokyo, Japan to New Angeles, acquired or built laboratories on Mars, and shifted its recruitment policies to diversify its research and sales forces. Branch offices have also been granted more autonomy and localized marketing has increased sales of consumer-model clones (though most clone sales are still business-to-business). This upheaval mirrors unrest in society at large in the past decades, and the cause is the same: androids.

Jinteki owns the patent on the process that creates humanlike clones, biological androids tailor-made by the “genegineers” of Jinteki. As this controversial technology becomes cheaper and more robust, more and more humans find themselves replaced in the workforce by cheaper android labor. While some Jinteki corporation products (such as the vacuum-tolerant “turtleback” clones sometimes seen in Heinlein or on the Beanstalk) bear only a faint resemblance to human beings, others are virtually indistinguishable, marked only by barcode tattoos on the backs of their necks. 

Jinteki markets its clones as more personable and person-like than the robotic bioroids built by their chief competitor. Clones are inherently adaptable and intuitive, just like a naturally-born human, and are able to establish empathy with them more easily than other androids. They excel in service industry positions, although heavy-labor and industrial-process clones are also readily available. Rumors exist of clone projects that explore the potential of human psionic ability, but such claims are dismissed by serious scientists. Jinteki has performed extensive research on the human brain and mind-machine interface technologies, but this is because so-called “braintaping” technology is essential to their production process. 

The new, sleeker, more modern Jinteki prides itself on adaptability, aesthetics, and a connection to the natural world. Jinteki is proud of its heritage as a Japanese corporation and embraces a traditional aesthetic as part of its corporate identity. In addition to clones, Jinteki and its subsidiaries specialize in biotechnology, cloned organs, pharmacology, agriculture, and medical equipment.

Corporate Aesthetic[]

Jinteki programs and projects feature imagery from the natural world. This is embodied by Ice such as Bullfrog, Wall of Thorns, Whirlpool and Snowflake and server upgrades such as Sunset.

The company hews close to its Japanese roots, defending its servers with programs like Neural Katana,  Ronin and Sensei.

Known Projects[]

Jinteki's current projects focus on cloning and genetic engineering. They include:

  • Caprice Nisei - a clone with powerful psychic abilities including telepathy and precognition, designed to work as an investigator of the law.
  • Nisei Mk II - improvements to a previous line of precognitive clones.
  • Their research into precognition sometimes allows them to make Unorthodox Predictions about the future, which can be used to temporarily secure their servers against intrusion.
  • The Clone Retirement iniative, aimed at providing comfort to clones that are past their time of service - although some have made baseless accusations that it is nothing more than a smokescreen for clone euthanasia.
  • The House of Knives - a new security protocol that is said to be very painful to cyber intruders
  • Project Junebug - a mysterious bioengineering project.
  • The Braintrust - a group of net-connected clone brains used to maximise the efficiency of the Jinteki network.
  • Jinteki also has a small but successful AI division, pursuing projects such as the Fetal AI, which can deal severe neural damage to runners.
  • Jinteki's approach to dealing with Runners is by confounding cyber-intruders with Encrypted Portals and Labyrinthine Servers.
  • Jinteki's Harmony Medtech division is regarded as a biomedical pioneer, always at the forefront of the next Medical Breakthrough.
  • Jinteki aspires to master the Philotic Entanglement of all things... To guide mankind in attaining the Future Perfect.

Known Employees[]



Known Products[]

Clone Lines

  • Desai (educators, teachers)
  • Florence (caretaker and personal nurse)
  • Henry (labor)
  • Hoca (zero-g work) - "Each was smaller than a normal human, with a large, bald head, deep-set eyes, dark skin, large hands, and [...] an extra set of arms instead of legs and feet, and extra shoulders instead of hips." Free Fall, p. 54
  • Molloy* (restaurants)
  • Nisei (new, experimental, limited psychic)
  • Omoi (security)
  • Tenma (pilot, delivery)
  • Turtleback (hard vacuum laborer) - "[He] stood one meter tall, and looked like he was wearing a turtle shell [...]." Free Fall, p. 180

*Proprietary to the Mother Molloy's Irish Pub chain.

G-mod products

  • Improve (a vision enhancement g-mod)



  • Personal Evolution
  • When You Need the Human Touch
  • Replicating Perfection
  • Evolving a Better You
  • Perfecting the Imperfect
  • Better genes for better lives
  • Life Imagined
  • Growing Solutions
  • Achieve the Impossible

Name Origin[]

"If you fudge the first character in the name slightly and give it a Chinese reading, you get 'human,' and then 'teki' basically comes across as 'like.' Human-like." - Excerpt from Strange Flesh

Known Agendas[]

Known Assets[]