Incipiata Marte Vita, which roughly translates as "Life Began on Mars", is a quasi-religious movement followed by a slowly growing number of Martians who believe that, in some sense, human existence can be linked back to conditions set in place on Mars. This movement was cultivated largely from the adjustment shock of Mars-dwelling humans realizing that (apart from having to live under domes, breathe from tanks, and limit exposure to the sun) many customs humans take for granted were based on the natural rhythms of the Earth megabiome (seasons, weather, etc.), and which no longer applied to Martians.

The most widely-held interpretation of this idea among IMV devotees is that the microbes responsible for the evolution of life on Earth originally came into being on Mars, but were delivered to Earth via an asteroid collision that scraped a sample of these microbes into space.

An extreme minority of IMV followers actually believe there to be remnants of a fully-developed Martian civilization that exists buried beneath the surface of Mars (and obviously, Earth government / corporate influence hides / discredits this notion from the public).

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