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Icebreakers are programs used by Runners to penetrate the Ice protecting corporate servers. The first credited icebreaker was a unique script for bypassing the security calls on a Gibson 3 Data Sentry.

Types of Icebreaker[]

Fracters let Runners break through Barrier ice. Known Fracter programs include Aurora, Battering Ram, Corroder, Inti, Morning Star and Snowball.

Decoders enable Runners to pass through Code Gate ice. Known Decoder programs include Cyber-Cypher, Force of Nature, Gordian Blade, Leviathan, Peacock, Torch, the Yog.0 database and Zu.13 Key Master.

Killers allow Runners to get past Sentry ice. Known Killer programs include Creeper, Dagger, Faerie, Femme Fatale, Garrote, Mimic, Ninja and Pipeline.

In addition to these 3 types of icebreakers, there are also a few AI -based programs which function as icebreakers. Unlike the others, A.I. icebreakers can deal with all forms of ice regardless of type. Known AI icebreakers include Alpha, Atman, Crypsis, Darwin, Knight, Omega and Wyrm.