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Human First is a human-supremacist group which opposes the use (and indeed, the very existence) of bioroids and clones, which they pejoratively call golems. In addition to prejudice and xenophobia, many humans have another excuse to hate artificial beings: the cheap slave labor provided by bioroids and clones has made huge numbers of humans unemployed.

The symbol of the movement is a human fist grasping a sledgehammer; this serves both as a reminder of the demands of the working class to share in the benefits of their toil, but also as a grim threat. Because it is inexpensive and not judged as a weapon, the sledgehammer is often the signature tool used to destroy (some would say murder) clones and bioroids when the opportunity arises, and is the movement's "calling card".

It is speculated that Humanity Labor, a legal advocacy firm and workers' union focused on handling cases of unemployment caused by clone / bioroid displacement, acts as a legitimate front and source of funding/fundraising for Human First's illegal activities.

Notable Members[]

Edward Kim