The Henry model of Jinteki-fabricated clones is designed for strenuous physical labor under adverse and dangerous conditions. Named for the American folk hero John Henry (the "steel-driving man"), Henrys have exceptional muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance that allow them to work arduous tasks for up to eighteen hours at a time (with only three 15-minute breaks). This hardcore schedule keeps the Henrys in peak physical condition without the need for exercise or additional training beyond skill conditioning for the particular job they are bound to.

Henry clones have better cognition and emotional maturity than their stereotyped small-and-square appearances might suggest; they are not unintelligent by any reasonable measure, but are simply conditioned to find pleasure in repetitive tasks, doing work that others would find mind-numbing or soul-draining. This drive to do one thing correctly is why the Melange Mining Corporation uses Henry clones for its Helium-3 mining operation on Luna.

Notable HenrysEdit

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