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Geographical Information
Planet/Moon Luna
Continent N/A
Country N/A
Societal Information
Population Unknown
Languages English, Japanese, Spanish

"There are many advantages to having facilities on the moon. Less traffic, for example." - Director Haas

Heinlein is the primary Lunar colony in the Android Universe. Heinlein is a frontier city, and outlaws and contraband are easy to find if you know where to look.

Haas-Bioroid owns and maintains the Heinlein Grid.


Heinlein was originally established as a starport and mining facility. The moon’s soil proved to contain Helium–3, an isotope particularly suited as fuel for modern fusion reactors. Competition for this mineral was one of the major contributing factors that led to the War.

Heinlein Locations[]

Name Origin[]

The colony is named after science fiction author Robert Heinlein, who described a lunar colony in detail in his novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.