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Globalsec is one of the world's largest private military/security contractors. Their key industries are information security, intelligence, military contracting, and physical security.


Globalsec's headquarters are located in Atlantica in Western Europe.

They also have a "miniarcology" tower in the Laguna Velasco district of New Angeles.

Known Employees[]


Governments contract Globalsec to control their population. They are also known to go against warlords and gangbangers, when the police can't or won't do so. They are even known to sometimes keep watch over other corps.

Globalsec also operates as a private army or as bodyguards and engages in net surveillance.

They are known to have a blacklist of sorts, the Globalsec Employee Skills Directory, which other corps use for background checks.

Further Known Information[]

The employees wear black uniforms.


(transcribed from the New Angeles rulebook)

“Here’s what I can’t figure out about Globalsec: Are they the good guys or the bad guys? I mean, they’re a corp. So bad guys, right? But they ride herd on the other corps, sometimes. So, good guys, right? Governments contract with them to keep tabs on their populace—bad guys. Globalsec security teams crack down on warlords and gangbangers in places where the cops can’t or won’t—good guys.

Can’t figure them out. They’re the biggest name in security, worldswide, and sometimes that means private army and sometimes that means net surveillance and sometimes that means discreet bodyguards packing fusion-powered monofilament heat. They’re as plugged-in to the Network as anyone outside of NBN. They’ve got that Blacklist — sorry, the Globalsec Employee Skills Directory or whatever it’s actually called. They’ve got a list, and if you get a black mark on it, you never work again, because all the other corps use them for background checks.

Plus, those uniforms are black. Okay, I’ve decided. They’re probably bad guys.”

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