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Weyland Consortium's GRNDL Division

GRNDL (Geostrategic Research and Neothermal Development Laboratories) is a division of the Weyland Consortium, responsible for geothermal fracking.


Under the tagline "Power Unleashed", GRNDL takes scant notice of the continuous bad publicity it generates by using destructive technology to harvest energy and resources from beneath the earth's surface. The division rakes in a colossal amount of profit by using fracking to generate geothermal energy and GRNDL refineries to extract rare minerals exposed during the process. Who cares if corporate watchdogs and moral busybodies like Tallie Perrault voice some objections?


The flavor text for the GRNDL identity card highlights the following letters in GRNDL's full name: GReNDeL, a befitting reference to Grendel, the legendary monster from the epic Beowulf.


GRNDL refineries process many different rare elements unearthed during the fracking process.

Pumping water into deep sea thermal vents produced huge amounts of energy. A profitable side effect.