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g00ru is a Runner. As of May 2013, details of g00ru's identity have not yet been revealed.


Regarding Sneakdoor Beta: "The code isn't important. It's where the code takes you that is important."

"He had a bit of an ego, ol' Hadrian. his constructs live up to it though." 

“Let me tell you a secret. There’s no such thing as impenetrable ice. It has to allow access or else why is the server on the Network in the first place? But that doesn’t mean they have to make it easy.”

About the Levy University : "Just another factory, making good corporate drones for the machine. Their CS department is the best in the world, though." 

About the icebreaker Corroder: "If at first you don't succeed, boost its strength and try again."

About the ice Tsurugi: "It's ice so dangerous it has safety protocols. Think about that."

About the ice Howler: "Yeah. It made a loud noise, I got scared, and I jacked out. I still think I made the right decision." 

About the ice Whirlpool: "This ice sucks."

About the Ekomind console: "Sometimes, you just need a brain in a jar."

Quotes from others about g00ru[]

"The core of the grid. A blinding sphere of light, teeming with energy, crackling with flame. Beyond were only twinkling bits of data in a field of darkness. No hacker dared approach the core, except one. He came back with a flare of code, a torch that burned with the fire of the core itself. The dark places of cyberspace were dark no more, and the legend of g00ru was born."